What We Do.

We Help People
Whether you type with one finger and run your business out of your garage, or your company has a full service IT department,
we can help you.
Here’s What We Can Help You With: 
Making friends with your customer base through social media management and design:
Fancy people call this, “Establishing a Web Presence”…We call it “making friends”.
Custom WordPress Websites.
All of the functionality of WordPress’ impressive content management system, with all the glamour of your own branded design.  Plugin installation and configuration:
Plugins help add a new layer of functionality to your WordPress website. There are plugins for just about every industry. Running a Funeral home? There are plugins for that. Are you a realtor? There are plugins for you too. Want your own internet forum? There are plugins for that as well. Plugins are only limited to your own imagination, and of course, the imagination of the company you have configuring your plugin for you. 
e-Commerce solutions:
Need your eBay, Amazon, and main website to sync so that you don’t spend the rest of your life updating stock?
We can help you with that. We can help you set up and design your own Shopify store, WooCommerce plugin, eBay storefront, or your own branded online store.
We make:
Business cards that don’t get thrown away,
Brochures that get read, Catalogs that inspire, and Menus good enough to eat off of.
You say it best, when you say nothing at all. 
Don’t have the words to talk to your consumer in a way that informs them about what your offering while also holding their attention? That’s okay, Market Your Sparkle offers copywriting that is revised and tailored to meet your business needs. 
What else do we do?
We trust you. You know your industry far better than we ever could.
We are curious:
About what you have tried in the past and how it worked, about your longterm goals, your peek business seasons, and what you hope our services can achieve for you.
But it’s Because We Care:
Every bit of information guides us to the best, and most valuable web solution for your current needs, and longterm goals.
We take calls 24.7:
Your website doesn’t sleep, neither should the team charged with maintaining it.
Text, Call, Video Chat, Instant Message,
E-Mail or simply send a message in a bottle.

Let’s Work Together.

Let's Work Together.